Textbox.io 2.x Documentation : Help & Support


Support for Textbox.io, is provided online via the Tiny support site.  You can access the support site at: https://support.ephox.com.

Prior to opening a support ticket, we require all users to register with a valid business email address.  You can register on the support site at: https://support.ephox.com/registration. Upon registration you will receive an email requesting that you validate your registration.  If you don't receive such a request within 5 minutes please check your spam folder to see if the email ended up there in error.  If you never receive the validation email please contact the Tiny Client Services team via email.

Creating a support ticket

Once you are registered on the site you will be able to interact with the Tiny support team via our support site.  To create a new ticket simply go to the following URL: http://ephox.com/support/ticket

Note that Tiny support requires that you provide the following information along with your ticket:

Textbox.io Editor Client Issues

  • Operating System and Browser version

  • JavaScript Console Log

  • View source of the editor page (or some other means of obtaining the JS used to instantiate the editor, as we used to do in the early ELJ days)

Textbox.io Server Components Issues

  • Server type and version (eg. Jetty, Tomcat)

  • Server log - This will be available either on the system.out log for the server or in a separate file if you've configured the optional logging parameters for Textbox.io on you server(s).


Please see Troubleshooting for troubleshooting advice with the server side components.